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Available Units
Sunset View from the Break Water
Acoustic Separation
Peter Renner, architect and developer of the BreakWater -
"it is impossible to achieve acceptable acoustic separation in a frame building, whether it is wood or steel.”
The entire BreakWater Condominium building is designed to achieve the highest level of acoustic separation that can be achieved.

The walls that separate units are massive poured in place concrete walls and the floors that separate units are 12” Spancrete with a leveling slab above. Wherever there are hardwood floors we lay a rubber acoustical matt on top of the concrete slab, then two layers overlapping plywood, another layer of tar paper, and then tongue and groove maple flooring. Bedrooms are carpeted. This is the same method of acoustic separation that was utilized at Renner Architects other developments and the results have been amazing.

David Blair, President of Ace Worldwide and resident of Hansen’s Landing Condominiums – “It is so quiet, sometimes Kathy and I think we are the only people that live in this building.”

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As illustrated above each unit is in effect constructed inside a concrete wall