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Available Units
View from the Break Water looking South
Unit Character and Atmosphere
Units come with track lighting positioned in ceiling pockets above every sizable wall in the unit that doesn’t have windows – and all the track lights are wired to dimmer switches so that unit owners can create a warm and interesting lighting atmosphere at night.

Interesting combination kitchen and dining areas is the centerpiece of every BreakWater unit. Cabinet heights undulate up and down and cabinets are intentionally different depths. In addition, each kitchen is outfitted with under cabinet incandescent lights that produce a warm glow at night. The countertops are granite, the appliances are stainless steel, the footrest is a very dense limestone that we import from Portugal, and the cabinets are very high quality. There are at least eight different kitchen cabinet and granite combinations you can choose from – see Interior Design Look Options.

A large area of windows is incorporated into each BreakWater unit, allowing natural light to pour in, and drapery pockets are provided wherever there are windows – owners have the option of full length drapes or Roman blinds.

Full length drapes - Click to Enlarge
Roman blinds - Click to Enlarge
Every unit at the BreakWater is designed to accommodate a spacious comfortable living room/home theater set up and units are pre-wired for a 5-speaker system. The BreakWater units can accommodate large furniture.

Living room/home theater - Click to Enlarge
The 1-3/4” rustic maple panel doors and matching wood trim and flooring that will be incorporated at the BreakWater create a sense of warmth and quality and interest.

Typical door & hardware - Click to Enlarge
Typical base - Click to Enlarge
Typical door jamb - Click to Enlarge
The elevator lobbies/unit entrances have been carefully designed to carry through on the theme of quality, employing stone surrounds around the maple entrance doors, a stone base and edging along the floor, along with an arched ceiling and soft uplighting. All the elevator lobbies will feature watercolor illustrations of the decorative turn of the century mansions that are located in the nearby East Side neighborhood.

Every unit at the BreakWater will have a large deck and the views speak for themselves.

When our customers arrive at home from a long day at work or from a trip, we want them to walk into their unit and feel inspired, relaxed, and special. We want them to say “this is a very comfortable cool place to live.”

When our buyers drive by the building we want them to think this is a quality development.

When our buyers walk into the lobby we want them and their visitors to be proud of the fact that they live in the building.