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Available Units
View from the Break Water looking South
Parking Options
Cars are important to our buyers. At the BreakWater the minimum parking space width is
9-feet wide – 10-feet wide when adjacent to a wall. There are three different types of parking
available at the BreakWater - all in a heated space:

• Individual open parking spaces that an “over the hood” 8-foot wide by 2-foot deep by
   4-foot tall storage locker can be added to.

• Individual open parking spaces with a large storage locker approximately 9-foot wide by
   4-foot deep by 10-foot tall positioned in front of the car. Individual open parking space with
   large storage locker

• Indoor heated 2-car garages typically approximately 22-foot square – some with windows,
   some without.

Individual open parking space with
large storage locker - Click to Enlarge
Typical indoor heated
2-car garage - Click to Enlarge
Over the hood storage lockers
- Click to Enlarge