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Available Units
View from the Break Water at Night
The BreakWater Condominiums entrance lobby has been designed to have the feel of a museum
in Rome – with stone columns, sexy lighting, and decorative marble floors. The entrance lobby is
a two-story space with soaring ceilings..

BreakWater’s lobby (1) - Click to Enlarge
BreakWater’s lobby (2) - Click to Enlarge
The design for the BreakWater’s clubhouse is now complete. It features a soaring ceiling with
recessed lighting supported by stone columns. The floors, base and window sills will also be stone
and the catering bar and back bar richly detailed dark wood with a dark granite countertop and over sized mirrors. The overall goal is to create a warm functional environment that has character and a timeless quality. The proposed design also ties in with the look and character of the entrance lobby.
It is envisioned that the artwork theme will be French posters from the 1920’s. If anybody has any
of these larger original posters that they would like to sell, please contact Peter Renner.

The clubhouse catering bar and
back bar - Click to Enlarge
The door in the center leads to
the lobby - Click to Enlarge
Work-out Room
The BreakWater Condominiums will also include a professionally equipped work-out room
on the second level.