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Available Units
View from the Break Water looking North
Project Overview
The BreakWater Condominiums consist of 101 spacious high quality condominiums laid out for today's lifestyles, each with stunning views and loaded with high quality features – unique in the marketplace. The BreakWater Condominiums is uniquely situated halfway between the high-rises on the northeast edge of the Central Business District and the high-rises along Prospect Avenue. The site is surrounded by Milwaukee's most historic block on the south and the combination of park land and lower buildings to the east.

As of July 1, 2013, 100 of the units have been sold and only one unit remains. For people who want to own a unit at the BreakWater there is an opportunity to buy a unit that is currently leased and occupy it at the end of the lease, which could give people a time frame to sell their current residence.

The remaining units at the BreakWater
Unit 406

Views over the lake
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Views over the harbor
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Views of downtown
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Views at night
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Based upon our experience in past projects and the almost endless feedback we get from buyers
and potential buyers, we set the following objectives and principles for the BreakWater
Condominiums project:

• Our buyers want quality, all the way from the exterior of the building to the entrance lobby, to the
parking areas, to the elevator lobbies and elevators, and to the units themselves.

Typical door & hardware - Click to Enlarge
Typical base - Click to Enlarge
Entrance Lobby
The BreakWater Condominium entrance lobby has been designed to have the feel of a Roman museum - handmade stone columns, sexy lighting, decorative marble floors, and soaring ceilings.

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Adjacent to the BreakWater entrance lobby is the large and spacious BreakWater clubhouse that has a similar look and character to the lobby – soaring ceilings, recessed lighting, stone columns and floors.

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Elevator Lobbies
Each elevator lobby in the entire BreakWater Condominium features a continuation of the entrance lobby look and character with heavy stone surrounds around each door and heavy stone base and border, vaulted up lit ceilings, and artwork that feature watercolor illustrations of the decorative mansions in the nearby East Side neighborhood.

Medicine Cabinet- Click to Enlarge
The elevators that have been incorporated into the BreakWater Condominium are the latest and greatest from United Technologies - Otis Gen II elevators. They run smoothly up and down the 260-foot shaft at astounding speeds. For a more detailed explanation of this technology, check out the illustrations on Otis Elevators website.
Look for Weekly Update on elevators for more information.

• Our buyers want the best acoustic separation that can be achieved. In order to do this we
essentially build concrete vaults utilizing 12” thick Spancrete on the floors and poured in place
concrete walls separating all the units.

• Our buyers want layouts that accommodate today’s lifestyles including spacious well equipped combination kitchen and dining areas that become the center of activity. All the kitchens include a
U-shaped dining counter that is a full 24” deep – plenty of room to spread out a newspaper or to accommodate seven people dining. All the kitchens feature granite countertops, rustic limestone backsplashes, high quality cabinets, under counter lighting, and cut stone footrests.

All the kitchens include a vegetable sink with disposal in the island and a double sink next to the dishwasher in the back counter.

Kitchen Island Sink - Click to Enlarge
Back Counter - Click to Enlarge
All the kitchens include a full height pantry with plenty of shelves and lots of cabinet storage space.

Kitchen Pantry - Click to Enlarge
• Our buyers tell us that they want their units outfitted with kitchen exhausts that vent out through the roof so that when they cook a meal, it doesn’t smell up the entire unit, or more importantly, when your neighbor cooks a meal you don’t know it.

Kitchen Exhaust - Click to Enlarge
• Our buyers are all installing home theater systems and we design our units so that they are pre-wired and can be easily accommodated. We also offer as an option a stone base for the entire home theater system that blends in with the other stone in the main living area.

Home Theater - Click to Enlarge
• Our buyers want units that are spacious and not cramped. The main living area on a typical unit at the BreakWater is 30-feet by 30-feet – more than ample room for a living room home theater set up, a gracious dining area, and Renner Architects famous kitchen/dining areas. Ceiling heights reach almost 11-feet. The BreakWater’s living areas are large enough to accommodate large comfortable furniture and sizeable parties.

Spacious Living Area - Click to Enlarge
• Our buyers want to be able to create an atmosphere in their units. At The BreakWater every unit is outfitted with track lights controlled by dimmer switches wherever there is a wall that needs lighting. All the units at the BreakWater Condominiums include track lighting recessed into pockets in the ceiling.

• Our buyers tell us that they want large well equipped walk-in closets. All the units at the BreakWater Condominiums incorporate large walk-in closets that are fully outfitted and large enough to comfortably get dressed and undressed in.

Walk-in Closet - Click to Enlarge
Walk-in Closet - Click to Enlarge
• Our buyers want units that are filled with natural light in the living area and have large operable windows, but not floor to ceiling glass, in the bedrooms.

• Our buyers tell us that they want a private deck that is large enough to accommodate grilling, outdoor dining, entertainment, lounging in the sun, and growing a few plants. Every unit at the BreakWater includes a large 12-foot by 18-foot deck that includes stainless steel and glass rails that cut down the wind and extend the season. The deck rails are configured to allow an additional glass panel to be slid in from the top to provide further protection from the lake winds. The decks have enough room for comfortable dining, a gas connection for outdoor grilling, a hose bibb for watering the plants, and track lighting mounted on the deck above for night lighting. Each deck has a drainage system so if you water the plants you don’t water the deck below, and almost all the decks have a deck above so you can enjoy outdoor life even if it is raining.

Private Deck - Click to Enlarge
• Many of our buyers tell us that they want lots of natural light pouring into the units and at the BreakWater we give them just that.

Natural Light - Click to Enlarge
Natural Light - Click to Enlarge
• Our buyers tell us that they brush their teeth and use deodorant and that they have all kinds of stuff that they would prefer to keep in a medicine cabinet. All the bathroom lavatories in the BreakWater Condominiums will feature a large mirrored inside and out medicine cabinet with an internal electrical outlet. Each medicine cabinet can be personalized by selecting your own picture frame to dress it up.

Medicine Cabinet- Click to Enlarge
• Most of our buyers tell us they want a laundry room large enough to accommodate a side by side washer and dryer and the other cleaning supplies necessary for life.

• Our buyers tell us they want large master bedrooms and they want all the bedrooms to have windows to the outdoors.

Bedroom- Click to Enlarge
Bedroom Celing- Click to Enlarge
• All of our buyers tell us that they want to be able to select options and want to know what the corresponding costs are. At the BreakWater Condominiums 10 different interior look and image concepts will be offered for the main living area, including: Tuscany Contemporary, Natural Maple Contemporary, Paprika Contemporary, Coffee Contemporary, Cognac Contemporary, Tiger Oak, London Traditional, Rustic Cherry, Mahogany Café, and Paris.

BreakWater unit buyers can also select from a long list of unit upgrade options including:
    - Upgraded kitchen appliance packages.
    - Traditional glass rack.
    - Contemporary stainless steel glass rack.
    - Upgraded plumbing fixtures.
    - Luxury shower options.
    - Bathroom stone options.
    - Medicine cabinet surround options.

• All of our buyers tell us they want good value for the dollar and want to make a good investment that will appreciate in value.

All of our buyers tell us that they want spacious, heated, secure indoor parking. At the BreakWater Condominiums the minimum parking space is 9-feet wide – 10-feet wide when a parking space is next to a wall. There are four different types of indoor parking provided at the BreakWater:
    - Individual open parking spaces - typically 9-foot wide, 10-foot wide when the parking space is
       next to a wall.
    - Individual open parking spaces with an over-the-hood 8-foot 3-inch wide by 2-foot deep by
       4-foot 6-inch tall storage locker.
    - Individual parking spaces with a full height storage locker in front of the parking space secured
       with an overhead door, approximately 9-foot wide by 4-foot deep by 9-foot tall.
    - Indoor heated 2-car garages, approximately 22-foot square.

Individual open parking space with
large storage locker - Click to Enlarge
Typical indoor heated
2-car garage - Click to Enlarge
Over the hood storage lockers
- Click to Enlarge
The projects location and neighborhood is in the absolute center of Milwaukee’s chic East Side, walking distance from the Central Business District, and a huge array of different restaurant and entertainment venues. The Milwaukee Yacht Club, McKinley Marina and Milwaukee’s fabulous lakefront are all accessible directly across the street. Views from the building will be outstanding and not obstructed, i.e. the Lake Bluff Apartments are in the process of being converted into condominiums, the art deco “1260 Building” across the street is a historic structure, and the block to the immediate south of the tower is a national historic district.

For many people, probably the greatest neighborhood assets are the grocery offerings, i.e.:

• Metro Market is only five blocks to the west and offers top shelf produce, meat, and seafood departments – as good as any in the city.

• Whole Foods is just a mile to the north and offers an almost unbelievable selection of low cost dining and prepared food offerings. A trip to Whole Foods is worth two hours of entertainment.

• Glorioso’s Deli on Brady Street is like a little trip to Italy – a fabulous Italian deli.

• Two Sendik’s stores are close by – one on North Downer and one on North Oakland. Grocery stores don’t get any better than Sendik’s.

Calatrava Art Museum - Click to Enlarge
Discovery World - Click to Enlarge
Alterra Coffee at the Pump Station
- Click to Enlarge
Alterra Coffee interior - Click to Enlarge
McKinley Marina - Click to Enlarge
Location Map - Click to Enlarge
Northpoint - Click to Enlarge
Northpoint - Click to Enlarge
Northpoint - Click to Enlarge
Northpoint - Click to Enlarge