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Sunrise View from the Break Water
Location and Neighborhood
The BreakWater’s location and neighborhood is as good as it gets in Milwaukee - stunning views across Burns Park and towards Lake Michigan, and equally stunning views south looking over the historic mansions toward the Calatrava and harbor.

Calatrava Art Museum - Click to Enlarge
Discovery World - Click to Enlarge
Renner Architects has pulled together an east of the river downtown Milwaukee map that identifies, to the best of our abilities, all of the restaurant, shopping, and entertainment venues on Milwaukee’s East Side - unfortunately the map is too detailed to view on a computer screen so copies are available at Renner Architects.

Alterra Coffee at the Pump Station
- Click to Enlarge
Alterra Coffee interior - Click to Enlarge
It is an easy walk down the public stairway across Burns Park down to Milwaukee’s lakefront, McKinley Marina, and the Milwaukee Yacht Club.

McKinley Marina - Click to Enlarge
Location Map - Click to Enlarge
Northpoint - Click to Enlarge
Northpoint - Click to Enlarge
Northpoint - Click to Enlarge
Northpoint - Click to Enlarge
For many people, probably the greatest neighborhood assets are the grocery offerings, i.e.:

• Metro Market is only five blocks to the west and offers top shelf produce, meat, and seafood    departments – as good as any in the city.

• Whole Foods is just a mile to the north and offers an almost unbelievable selection of low cost dining    and prepared food offerings. A trip to Whole Foods is worth two hours of entertainment.

• Glorioso’s Deli on Brady Street is like a little trip to Italy – a fabulous Italian deli.

• Two Sendik’s stores are close by – one on North Downer and one on North Oakland. Grocery stores    don’t get any better than Sendik’s.

The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music is just a few blocks down the street and holds several
concerts a week.