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Available Units
View from the Break Water at Night
Frank Gimbel of Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown and Hansen’s Landing Resident Ė
Anne and I feel we got a very good value on our unit and feel secure that this condominium will be a growing part of our estate.

Brian Verban, Harbor Front Resident –
The first thing my friends say when they come over is that they are amazed at the size of the unit with the high ceilings and the natural light that comes in through the expansive windows. They are in awe with the beauty of the kitchen and the hardwood floors.

What really attracted us about this development was the 12Ē of poured concrete. We donít have to be too concerned about making too much noise when we have friends over or are watching a movie. We also like the fact that when weíre walking down the hallway we canít hear our other neighbors while their inside their units and we canít smell what their cooking for dinner.

The construction and the overall quality of the acoustic separation are a great feature of Rennerís developments.

Jaime Verban, Harbor Front Resident Ė
One of our favorite aspects of the condo is that you can be in the kitchen cooking something and have people around the island Ė the kitchen becomes the entertainment center. I feel like I am not missing out on anything because the kitchen is an integral part of the living area.

Dave Doerr, President of Falk Manufacturing and Harbor Front Resident Ė
We bought our unit two years ago and it has been fantastic. We are right on the water, right downtown, close to restaurants and nightlife Ė it has been everything we had hoped it would be.

Ed Stritch, Chief Executive Officer of the Concord Group Construction
Consultants and Harbor Front Resident –

Iíve never come across another development where you have 12Ē concrete separation on all four sides. Living in a condominium complex, itís very important to have that acoustic separation.

Tom Cameron, Nuclear Engineer and Hansenís Landing Resident –
The layout of the unit is really well thought out. You would expect to find these levels of quality in a $1.5million freestanding house.

All the people that we have worked with on this development have been really great people to work with. Itís not just a job for them. Everybody seemed to be committed to making this project a success and it turned out being a great success.

Flora Cameron, Real Estate Broker and Hansenís Landing Resident Ė
Units are really warm. It is very relaxing to live here and energy efficient.

David Blair, President of Ace Worldwide and Hansenís Landing Resident Ė
Renner builds a very solid building. The quality is outstanding.

Greg Alevizos, President of Capitol-Husting Company and Harbor Front Resident –
Living here is like living in a Four Seasons Hotel. The vacation starts when we come home
from vacation.