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Available Units
View from the Break Water at Night

Peter Renner
The Developer
Peter Renner and his firm Renner Architects LLC have developed the highest quality and most successful condominium developments in downtown Milwaukee including The Waterfront, the Harbor Front and Hansenís Landing – and now the BreakWater.

The fundamental objective at the BreakWater is to build well designed high quality units and sell them at very competitive prices. Renner Architects utilizes 3-D CAD to design and build the entire project, minimizing mistakes and maximizing value Ė the focus is quality and responding to what people want in todayís world.

Mr. Renner personally designs all the unit plans and is involved in almost every detail on the project. Jeff Natrop has been Mr. Rennerís partner at Renner Architects for 25-years and is the key guy in charge of execution of the project.

The Waterfront Condominiums
by Renner Architects - Enlarge
The Waterfront Condominium entrance lobby by Renner Architects - Enlarge
2-Bedroom 2-Bath unit at The Waterfront Condominiums - Enlarge
The Harbor Front Condominiums by Renner Architects - Enlarge
The Harbor Front Condominiums interior
of a unit - Enlarge
Hansenís Landing Condominiums by Renner Architects - Enlarge
Hansenís Landing entrance lobby
- Enlarge
Exterior of the Break Water
- Enlarge